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so today I filmed my famous ponytail hair extensions you guys always ask me how I achieved this point Intel using clip in ponytail hair extensions so I’m going to show you guys today.

Beautifully Bouncy Lively Ponytail Wig

First I’m taking this oil and I’m going to distribute this all throughout my hair and thoroughly brush your hair so you don’t have any bumps because this will prevent you from not having a smooth ponytail and then I’m going to straighten all my hair so it flattens and then when we put the gel in it I’ll go and more smoothly taking this jelly took in my dad’s restroom you can use any gel distribute this through the roots of your hair do not put this from the ends because if not your ponytail is not going to look cute so just put your hair and brush it through.

I do this a couple times till I get it make sure there’s no bumps in it taking the same oil I’m gonna put this at the ends of my hair and I’m going to straighten my ponytail this is gonna allow your natural hair to blend in with the hair extensions better [Music] now to clipping the extensions I’m taking this four clip extension these extensions are from luxury for princess I’ll link them down below these are 22 inches in the 260 gram black brown I do have a discount code my name is Soleil you guys want to save some money you can use that so pretty much what I’m doing is I’m clipping their hair extensions around my ponytail so I’m wrapping it and then I’m clipping it into the base of my ponytail.


This is going to create a structure for all of the other clip and extensions to come and if something doesn’t feel right and it feels too loose just tighten it more so that’s what I do and as you can tell this is such a big difference already I’m going to now add in a three clip inspection extension her extension and I’m going to clip this right above the other hair extensions you guys see how like sturdy these clips are this is why I love these hair extensions and they’re thick from the bottom to the tips so I love that and I’m just going to be doing the same thing.

I’m just wrapping the hair extension and I’m going to take another three clip and do the exact same thing now the last hair extension I’m going to be using in the front is this two-piece clip this one is going to help camouflage all of the other hair extensions that I have in my hair so I’m just gonna clip that in and then I’m going to brush my hair to blend in everything together you guys couldn’t already tell the big difference and my hair is so short and I just love this hairstyle so much now to cover that one track in the front I’m gonna take a clip in hair extension and I’m going to clip it in the back back of my ponytail and I’m going to wrap it around to cover that track and then I wahby pin it.

This is my favorite part of perfecting my ponytail I take hair spray and I spray it on a toothbrush this literally lays down the hairs so nicely and I’ll get more gel just because my sides like the sides of my hair they tend to stick out more so I really gel those and I hair spray them down funny story one time my brother was brushing his teeth and he accidentally brushed his teeth with my hairspray toothbrush and he still doesn’t know to this day so if you’re watching this brother I’m sorry but that is the end of this vlog tutorialand I really hope you guys enjoyed it like comment and don’t forget to check out where to get the best ponytail hair extensions at

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