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0-10729a.jpegDo we laugh or do we love what the beauties its Lindsey welcome back to fool I’m just kick the camera what’s up welcome to my bow I’m just really excited I did a sewing today well I didn’t do it my girls did it son Rick that is my girl I am booking her for everything I’m sorry I’m like getting ahead of myself Oh deep breaths we did a sewing today you guys know I’m normally just sticking to wigs.

0-c38478.jpegI don’t do so ins but I was like okay let’s try something new I know they’re sick of wig reviews but they still want hair stuff so like let’s try something else so I did do a someone today I kind of vlog this morning when sunray raven came over and slayed my life looks so good I’m so excited um so we would watch those Clips his hair is from wiggins hair oh I just sent me a video of the hair he’s the first nerd to see he’s so nice you’re so good I hope he likes it I scared him I told him I was gonna get it like all cut off so I think but we added some length y’all so I’m gonna show you guys that kind of vlog or whatever.

Thanks the vlog from this morning in the whole process I hope you guys enjoy it here we go I feel like my hair looks dirty but I just washed it and blow dried it and I’ll see this tragedy right here we got to get our life together I think this is gonna be easier for me I am obviously still gonna be doing wig reviews I’m just I don’t know I wanted to try getting sew ins again anytime a company has emailed me to do like bundles and stuff I’m like now I’m just doing wigs just in wigs like I don’t know why I didn’t want to give it a second chance but we’re trying it we’ll see if I like this hello everyone my name is Sarah and I’m here today to style beloved Lee she’s gonna transform me that it’s fine we’re fine yes meanwhile she’s rocking the cutest hairstyle yes oh thank you look at them ray or are you money it’s fine hahaha I do wig videos you guys see what I do the party area and I’m as much as I like like how I faked the part I don’t like fake parts in person like oh yeah I don’t like the white part my natural part it’s easier.

it looks better in photos even if you’re trying to edit a photo and you’re like oh let’s edit that little blurb right I don’t like it exactly I don’t like think parts so right my hair is finally long enough for me to be able to do like I believe out I think the first vlog you guys saw of me getting my very first so whenever my hair was just really short and so I couldn’t do as much leave out and it was looking kind of ratchet in a friend and I’m like it I left it in for like literally a week yeah ugly because it’s not working like I’m down did you go fer a side part or a middle part maybe middle middle part I don’t know okay at these weird like I don’t know what happened to me but do you see how like it’s shorter here yeah but like when my hair grew out it wasn’t doing that and it just like probar your do you strain your hair that or blow-dry it or it is probably breakage it me it will sorry olive joy because it’s like the rest of your hair is growing yeah but you’re not seeing the hair growth in the front cuz I’m Lee primarily where we straightened out here the most because he’s on the front you know you’re right but where did you get this done it again girl and I actually meant to make a storytime about this.


Luckily you’re not gonna have to relive that experience and I I did my research in time I went on Stasi because right my mail lady in Dallas which I love I found her own style see so I was just looking for that and then I found you and you had high ratings and I looked at your Instagram like oh yeah oh she’s the one that’s so cool and then like you knew some people who were on my page yeah I was like scrolling to bitch I think I’ve seen this face before I worked with actually I just my latest collab was with creature turn making senior actress she’s a beautiful person I just really loved working with her and we did some faux locs on right here everybody loved it like I got so many dance from a so a boy like you yeah so you know it’s always a pleasure working with influencers like for one way to get to know them on a deeper level it’s not from being like you know on social media right and then on top of that so that more people can see your work and know that you’re providing quality services you know so it’s always a fun thing but I worked with her I’ve worked with I am the Dasia she’s in here in LA my girl thing is she’s so cute other 30s and she dances too yeah I shouldn’t dancer and her hair is poppin that’s the first now toy her everything’s right here yeah we are grade two that braid it up looking fabulous yeah coming great


So we’re gonna throw in some stuff we got some body weights going one look at this body way look at that glove wait oh that’s nice yeah eight I’ll insert I’ll put it here or put it in the description but I think about 18 20 and 22 this is making my ponytail a little real bad I love that don’t kill me can I put this right here kool-aid this is the hair everybody I really like this hair – yeah yeah yeah it makes it really soft I like it okay Wiggins we see you [Music] let’s get caught up in the why thanks girl girl it’s so soft like is it wow I need to beat my face so I can take someone the hair feels amazing up beyond space transformed around good and new okay yes it looks so good thank you so much I’ll have all their links in the description box below you also guys can check out here to put your legs on instagram at sunray that’s su in our eey and I’m located in Los Angeles so if you need your hair done hit me up if you like an event to go to or that you just want to feel good please felt I got a birthday whatever right you i’ve not beat my face yet for the insta-fix but when I do it’s only for y’all it’s over I’m just kidding y’all cute so raven was super super sweet and we’re both geminis like Hello we bonded really well I’m gonna go make these patrols gotta eat them come on great all right here we go that is all for this video I will keep you guys updated on the hair how it’s doin how was feeling but it’s real stuff is real that I’m so excited like I just I got to go out I got a text babe like we’re going to dinner because we’re dalla but thank you guys again for watching I will have all of sunrays info and Wiggins hair info in the description box below so be sure to check that out let me know what you think and I will keep you guys posted on this hair thanks for watching I love you guys.

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