How To Dye Virgin Hair Extensions Step By Step Tutorial: Colored Hair Extensions

Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of over 14 haircare books and founder of for this tutorial I will be teaching you how to color your hair extensions for great colored hair extensions style. I will be using virgin hair extensions from the following supplies you will need to color your hair will be two boxes of permanent hair dye.

You will also need a hair dye brush a bowl to store your dye you will need hair cutting scissors a plastic bag and you will also need a pair of gloves so once you have all of your materials ready I will teach you step-by-step how to color your hair extensions to begin coloring your hair extensions you want to make sure that your station is prepped make sure that you take your plastic bag and you put over the area you will be working on so that dye won’t get on your table or floor or anything like that then you want to make sure that you mix your hair dye in your bowl with your dye brush.

Afterwards you want to unloose your bundle of hair all the way until it’s one track you have to fold this three times so that way you are not taking up much space with your station so when you unravel your bundle of hair as one long track bring it together and then do that three times once you do that lay your hair down and then to begin dying you want to work on the ends and go all the way up until you get to the weft make sure that you don’t saturate the weft because it’s unnecessary when coloring your extensions and also we rinse it you are going to constantly have to rinse the weft over and over again to get all the dye out its completely unnecessary to dye your weft with so to begin grab a little bit of hair dye and work your way from the tips to the left of your bundle of extensions.

After you have completely colored one side you want to flip it over and repeat the process also as you are working along the way use the bristles of your brush to slightly open up the hair so they are covering all of the hair with hair dye as you are working up near the weft make sure that you get as close as possible to the weft without actually saturating the weft now if you accidentally get dye on the weft that is perfectly fine you just want to open up one side of the weft at a time and cover up the hair leading all the way up to the weft of the actual extension.

After you finish coloring your hair extensions you want to make sure that it processes for the specific amount of time that your box dye instructed this hair needs to process for about 30 minutes to an hour and then it needs to be shampooed and conditioned and air dried to finish the look as you can see this is a finish result of dying the hair extensions the color black after dying you want to make sure to shampoo wash and then allow it to air dry as a result what came from it was a very consistent hair color and also the natural wave pattern of the extensions so just to mention once again when you’re dying your hair is very important to only focus your hair color on the hair itself if you dye the weft it’s unnecessary because for one number one will ever see the weft of your extensions so they don’t have to be colored and the second reason is because as you are missing the dye out you will constantly have to re-rinse re-wash re-rinse re-wash the actual weft when it’s unnecessary so also I am actually wearing Mrs.


remy hair extensions in my hair and I have had this hair for over a year and I’ve dyed it the exact same way that I have dyed this bundle it holds a hold of curl beautifully as well as hold the color beautifully as well so that’s it for the how to dye your hair extensions be sure to visit for all of your hair extension needs

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