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Hi I’m Kelsey and I love my hair I had long hair the majority of my life yes I just want to make out in LA you need to take your pants off and get back into bed about a year ago I gave myself the bye Bob why did no one tell me to cut my hair my whole life I truly think that this length fits my personality in my lifestyle but I would be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes I do miss it long used to do this thing where I would throw my hair around my mouth and now I can’t do it it’s too short.

Sometimes I just want to throw it up it’s like it looks like a little colonial boys ponytail but it is a lot harder to add hair than tape away and it can get pretty expensive yes it requires a lot of time in the salon and there’s a bunch of controversy around like where does the hair come from that’s gonna be my biggest concern is like does it look right is it thick enough and my hair is a lot of colors and so this week we are trying Amazon versus salon clip in hair extensions buying the right color hair online is tricky because you don’t have anything to like hold it up to and test your hair so we bought four different colors.

I’ve got light pale blonde white blonde blonde and golden watch luckily Amazon’s return policies the light pale blonde and white blonde are obviously way too light for my hair so these are going back to the store we are left here with blonde and golden blonde and my first impression is actually that’s not that bad kind of nice actually doesn’t feel like real hair and I like that it came free styled and then we’ve also got the golden blonde it also comes with a brush which i think is like handy oh and it also comes with a hair tie so you can put your hair up I should also mention I’ve never put clippings on in my wife before I’ve never worn them I’ve never had extensions so if I do it wrong please don’t come for me in the comments thank you so much I’m a sensitive little bead no I’m going to do half of my hair up in a little tiny pony half on this side or should I do like give myself a mullet just pop these Berets like this I feel a thing about doing them yourselves is that you can’t tell if like your tracks are shown in the back and then you end up looking like Britney 2007 style.

We’ve got one side in it’s not the same color as my route obviously but I think the tips actually blend really nicely oh god I instantly feel richer and then I’m actually gonna go over the top of the one I already clipped in so I have no idea what that looks like in the back what does it look like yeah so I’m gonna take the top down now and I’m gonna collect Li brush over to hide those flips you know when you’re in the club and you see a girl like dancing throwing her hair around and then all of a sudden you just see all the clip in like oh honey no let me help you fix that I feel like I’m that girl right now I tried to keep the berets away from the front in case you want to like throw your hair behind your ears you don’t want people to see it I don’t think I want to brush through this cuz I don’t want to lose too much of style thank you sir I also have no idea what material this is made out of so this could be a disaster.

I’m gonna just like give my regular hair just a bit of a curl to try and like match it did I make it look worse it looks better I don’t know that I could take myself seriously like walking into a meeting like this I think this style would be really fun for like Halloween I can’t really see the full effect in this mirror what it looks like sure use my thumb okay yeah the color is a bit off I’m actually not mad about how thick it is I guess the real test will be how people react to in the real world or if all.

My Instagram followers hate it it’s coming out you like yes it is oh okay I mean I have the back look you’re like a hawk eye at a bar I should just stay this for the first time I think it’s a little too long it’s just a lot sorry Maggie do you like my hair did they look fake yeah no it’s a collection Oh mm-hmm yeah do you think I look good with long hair over my short hair my bisexual Bob yeah all right we’ve got to nose so far ever since we’ve been dating I’ve only had short hair you what you’re trying to wear this out like a normal person or this is yeah it looks like a costume like how do you think that that looks normal it looks like you clipped something on your hair.

I think I’m gonna cut it I’m not a hairdresser and I cut my hair when I’m tipsy sometimes just maybe give it some angle oh yeah look at her go doing like layers or like what I think layers are I think that’s better it looks more realistic I think with the short Ness to it yeah.

Okay tell us how are you wow this place is gorgeous thank you thank you welcome to Bellamy this is the Church of here and every day is Sunday free can you tell me more about what you guys do here from start to finish anything that you would need extension related whether you want to do clip-ins semi-permanent we match you from them dial them and we’ll take it all to the next level for the experience okay so what are you guys gonna do to me today we’re gonna fix this we’re gonna get well Dale so what is the first step we’re gonna get you color match that I’m gonna bring you over to our wall of hair what this is insane so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna kind of get an idea for where you are tonality wise so we’ve got our darkest darks – our lightest light so I feel like my hair is a couple different colors how do you match that so what I do is I just kind of pull from here just to get an idea and how I would like to blend some of these colors in the problem with online shopping with extensions is that they do one overall color for like blonde or warm blonde where this feels like it’s a personalized sort of blend for your color absolutely so we can just kind of pick and choose where we’re at and then from there we’ll go and look at some of our sets and see which ones blend together oh let’s do it all right time for hair this is the moment you’ve been waiting for we’re gonna drop your new hair in ah thank you.

You have cherished she’s gonna be doing your install she’s one of our lead stylists here and I’m gonna assist cherish today that’s golden a treasure box in there we do have different grams and lengths look at that and different sets depending on the density of your natural hair and what you need to achieve the most natural-looking extensions I love the little garment bag it comes in it nowhere does the hair actually come from because I know there’s a lot of like controversy in the hair world that like the practices behind it we actually own our factories so they’ve been checked over and all of our hair is Asian hair so once you install the hair what happens once it’s dropped in usually you want to trim it a little bit just to give it a little bit of framing around your face to give it a little more movement what is the main difference between something like this and what I’m buying on the Internet one thing you’ll definitely see is eclipses are sturdy and they’ve also got this rubberized backing so you know it’s gonna be no slip also you can feel that mesh netting right at the top right right yeah when I bought the tracks on My Hair 365

I literally only had two of these in for my whole head you guys have already put like four in so you start off at your shorter ones which is a hundred and twenty grams versus longer ones which are gonna be closer to around two hundred and forty grams now what we’re installing on you today we’ve decided to put in what we call the Bugatti so with the best of the best and this one has upwards of three hundred and forty grams lot of hair to make sure that your bob doesn’t show because if you drop just a little bit of hair in it’s not gonna look right no it didn’t no with this I feel like I would actually feel comfortable going outside going and talking to people wearing this so you’re gonna get the coverage that you need especially for the length you are mmm-hmm using these ones so the cost on this hair is gonna be closer to around three hundred and nineteen dollars it’s such a great deal and the fact that it’s such a high quality hair it’s you know it’s completely worth it.

Wow this looks amazing and so thick and secure oh yeah know what’s in there I can walk out like this oh yeah no and it looks great one thing I would just suggest is since we’re here could we add just a little bit of framing around your vein to give it more of that natural look and maybe just some layers and lighten the load that way you can actually whip that area let cherish do her styling thing this looks so and I cannot believe how much hair I have on my head right now well my biggest fear was with how thick my hair was that I was never gonna find extensions that looked real like there was no way I could find something that’s this thick and you guys it superseded in my expectation well guys thank you so much this was such a fun experience well I need to go freak some people out with this amazing hair and more importantly I need to go take a gram so I’ll see you guys later I’ll see you later this isn’t my car I don’t know how to drive this is my Prius so I’m walking to lunch now why I’m like nervous to get out of the car like no one’s looking at my hair right like I don’t know I will say though that it is been a few hours and like the wait is definitely starting to come through but not bad enough for me to take it out because beauty is pain ranked am i right so I’m grabbing lunch right now one of the servers that he recognized me from videos but he wasn’t sure if it was me because he’s couldn’t tell that if it was me with all this hair.

Would you still rap me if I had this hair I that’s your talent speaks for itself but I would be really worried that somebody would think we were in a sorority together you look like a delta do thank you this is crazy what’s going on your hair these are the professional life wow that actually looks really good you like it really tell you like me with long hair no I think the hardest thing about having all this hair is just knowing what to do with I think that’s why I cut my hair short in the first place is because I just wanted to wake up not have to deal with so much hair but it’s definitely been fun having it for a day I’m glad that unlike the Amazon ones I can take this out and like put it on its little hanger and put it in my closet for a rainy day a pretty good price for how long this will last you if you really only do just have one event that you want to use the hair for I would say do the Amazon ones and just get a lot of them because this is definitely like the right amount of hair that I should have versus those Amazon tracks bro me too and that’s probably why I didn’t really get good use out of them is this there wasn’t enough hair and if you just have one event that you want to go do for one night or like a costume or you know a photo shoot definitely get those My Hair 365 Hair Extensions but if you’re looking for an investment and like an alter-ego that’ll be some way to do you

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