Make Cheap Hair Extensions Last

While others claim that the use of cheap hair extensions is impractical, well they are very wrong. No matter how much your extensions cost, the important thing is the way how you handle it and takes care of it.

Here are some suggestions from the Pros…

  1. Always use conditioner. As with your natural hair, it needs conditioner to maintain its smoothness and natural look. The use of shampoo alone might dry it up to you and causes it to get damaged easily.
  2. You can color you it, but don’t bleach it! Take it from the expert. Others might want to get the best out of their hair extensions by bleaching but they end up with frustrations. Bleaching is not advisable for extensions.
  3. Don’t wash your hair every day as this will cause dryness as it would in your own hair. Washing your extensions every other day can extend the life span of your extensions.
  4. Don’t sleep on it! Sleeping on your extensions wears out your cheap hair extensions easily. It is best to set it aside when you were sleeping.
  5. As much as possible avoid ironing it or using a blow dry frequently. Same with natural hair, frequently doing such things might damage your hair easily, much more with extensions.

These are just some tips on taking care of your hair. You might consider some other care tips on what you think is right. After all, what I want to say is don’t abuse your extensions too much.

Hair extensions may serve another purpose. Not just to make you look good physically, but it can be a great solution for those people, especially women who are suffering from hair loss and baldness. Whatever your extensions benefit you, the same caring tips would apply.

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